• Mr. Jacobs – Supply List

    Algebra 1 and Pre-AICE Math 1

    Supply list (need to bring these to class daily):

    • Pencils
    • A good eraser
    • A pen (blue or black ink only) for writing assignments
    • Notebook paper
    • Graph paper (just a small pack of around 50 sheets or so)
    • A ruler or straightedge for drawing neat straight lines on graphs
    • A notebook or binder to keep work in (whatever type works best for your student to stay organized). Must be able to keep all work for the entire grading period/quarter.
    • A calculator (see below for information):


    Calculator information (to assist with your family’s budget considerations):

    • Students must have a traditional calculator for this class and may not use a calculator phone app. No other types of electronic devices will be allowed on any quiz, test, or standardized exam.
    • Good (minimum needed): Must have a sign change button (+/-) and a square root button (√). Most brands of calculators in the $2–3 range have both of these buttons, but check to be sure.
    • Better: The TI-30Xa is the calculator that has been allowed on the End of Course Exam each year. These calculators include exponent buttons and others for any math function needed for the remaining years of high school. It is popular and can usually be found in the $12-15 range. (Note: This is different than the TI-30XII; similar name, also a good calculator, but not allowed to be used on the End of Course exam.)
    • Best: Casio fx-115ES / ES Plus or equivalent. This calculator includes a nicer display window and lots of extras that students find helpful, especially with fractions and radicals. A powerful calculator for the price ($15-20 range), but it includes too many functions to be allowed for use on the End of Course Exam.


    My class syllabus: Coming home with your student at the end of the first week of school.


    Follow along with class on my webpage at: www.marionschools.net/Domain/12157