• Mr. Provost's Contact Information:


    Test Re-Take Policy:

    • I have an unlimited test re-take policy.  Your student can re-take their tests as many times as possible.  They can take the same test EVERY day during ALPHA time until they earn their desired grade.  After every re-take (if their score goes up) I average the two grades.
    • I have a similar policy for written assignments.  However only select essays can be rewritten.  When these opportunities are given they will only have ONE chance to re-write essays.  If their score goes up they will be given the average of the two assignments.


    • Progress Reports should be going home the week of February 3-7.
    • PLEASE check your student's grades regularly in Skyward.
    • AP World has a Unit 3.5 Exam on Wednesday, February 5th.
    • US History has a Unit 6 Exam on Tuesday, February 4th.


    AP World History Supplies:

    • A LARGE 3-Ring Binder -
      • We will collect and organize all our work this year and this will be used as a comprehensive review book to prepare for the AP Exam.
      • Please see the Binder Contents Page for more information on how they will be assessed.  
    • 6 Dividers
    • Notebook Paper
    • Blue or Black Ink Pens
    • #2 pencils
    • Colored Pencils
    • 5 highlighters (1 each – Yellow, Orange, Green, Pink, and Blue) The highlighters are essential for learning the proper writing format.


    US History Supplies:

    • Notebook Paper
    • Blue or Black Pens
    • #2 pencils
    • 5 highlighters (1 each – Yellow, Orange, Green, Pink, and Blue)
    • A Standard Size One Subject Composition Notebook - Walmart has them for 50 cents
    • A Three-Prong Paper Duo Tang Folder - Walmart has them for 15 cents