• Course TitleAlgebra II Honors IB                      School Website:

    InstructorsMr. Robert Geisel                                            

                          Robert.Geisel@marion.k12.fl.us       http://www.marion.k12.fl.us/schools/lwh/

                          (352) 671-4820 ext. 58901                  


    Course Description:

    This course is designed to teach the student the fundamentals and advanced topics of Algebra II Honors (Pre-IB) through instruction, homework, in class work, quizzes/tests and projects.  This course will meet all the state requirements which include the benchmarks and standards for Algebra II Honors.


    Classroom Procedures:

    • Beginning Assignment: Students are expected to complete daily warm up assignments.
    • Homework is a Requirement! Homework quiz each week.  One homework assignment will be collected each week at random.  NO makeup will be given on this assignment unless you were absence.   Homework will be listed on my board as well as on Microsoft Teams.  
    • Classroom Assignments: A list of weekly assignments will be posted on the board in my room and on Microsoft Teams.  Assignments are due the day we go over it.  If you did not complete the assignment, you will get a “0” for that assignment.  If you have been absence, it is your responsibility to turn in missed work.   Remember, weather you are student in class or on-line, all work will be listed on Microsoft Teams.  Students will be given 1 day to make up work for everyday of excused absences.
    • Tests and Quizzes: Tests/Quizzes will be announced in advance.  Make up tests and quizzes must be made up before or after school.   Arrangements must be made as soon as possible after absence (1 day for every excused absence)




    Classroom Rules:

    1. Be on time to class.
    2. Follow directions the first time given.
    3. Be kind to classmates. (Respect yourself and others!)
    4. Bring materials to class.
    5. No food or drink! (bottled water is allowed)
    6. Use of laptops permitted when given permission from the instructor and only on approved websites. NO CELL PHONES VISIBLE IN THE CLASSROOM


    Supply List:

    1. Graphing Calculator (Ti-84 plus)
    2. Ruler
    3. Graph paper and Notebook paper
    4. Pencils/Pen/erasers
    5. Highlighter



    Tutoring:  Tutoring will be available on Wednesday afternoon until 4:30 (except early release days)



    Grading Scale:                                               Grade Breakdown:

    A = 90 – 100                                                   10% Homework

    B = 80 – 89                                                     40% Classwork/Quizzes

    C = 70 – 79                                                     50% Tests/Projects

    D = 60 – 69    

    F =   0 – 59


    Assignments Given in Advance:   Throughout the year, assignments/take home tests/projects will be given with a “due date”.   Students must turn this assignment in on time regardless of being absent on the “due date”.   It is the student’s responsibility to turn in these assignments on time.


    Attendance/Tardy/Discipline and Dress Code:  My classroom will be following the MCPS requirements for attendance/tardy/discipline and dress code.   Please refer to the MCPS (marion.k12.fl.us) webpage for these rules/requirements.


    Grading:  Student/parent portal is available 24/7.   Students and Parents are expected to be aware of their current grade at all times.   I will do my best to keep this updated each week for you.


    I look forward to a great and successful year,



    Robert Geisel



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    Course Syllabus