• Vocabulary 3

    apprehension (noun): nervousness, fear [Aubrey Hen’s son]

    integrity (noun): solidness of construction or morality, uprightness, honesty [in Ted ready]

    detached (adj.): separate, indifferent, aloof [Dee attacked]

    dogmatic (adj.): opinionated, close-minded, unbending [dog medic]

    diverse (adj.): different, various [dye furs]

    gravity (noun): seriousness [gravity]

    provoke (verb): to anger, to stir up [prove oak]

    infallible (adj.): incapable of making a mistake, unfailing [in fall a bell]

    indict (verb): charge with a crime, accuse [in tight]

    contract (verb): shrink, tighten [contract]


    Vocabulary 2 [These are words from Red Kayak and SAT/ACT words.]

    resolve (noun):  determination, strong will  [re-solve]

    trepidation (noun):  fear   [trap a dachshund]

    jargon (noun):  specialized language used by a particular group     [jar gone] 

    sagacity (noun):  wisdom, shrewdness  [Sage in a city]

    incredulous (adj.):  unwilling or unable to believe  [ink red, you lose!]

    conviction (noun):  strong belief, principle  [convict Shawn]

    elusive (adj.):   hard to catch or understand, evasive  [Hey, Lou said]

    averse (adj.):   opposed, antagonistic, wanting to avoid  [a verse]

    aloof (adj.):   standoffish, unfriendly, indifferent  [a roof]

    malice (noun):  a desire to cause harm or suffering, cruelty, hatred, nastiness  [Mal ice]


    Vocabulary 1 [These are words from Red Kayak and SAT/ACT words.] 

    stealth (noun): secretive behavior [steal wealth] 

    obscure (adj.): uncertain, hazy, unknown, difficult to understand [Hobb’s cure] 

    elated (adj.): extremely happy, overjoyed [eel ate Ted] 

    nostalgic (adj.): wishing for a return to the way things used to be, longing for the past [nose tell cheek] 

    concede (verb): admit reluctantly, yield [corn seed] 

    bolster (verb): to support, to reinforce [bowl stir] 

    jubilant (adj.): filled with joy, elated [gerbil ant] 

    doleful (adj.): extremely sad [doll full] 

    minute (adj.): very small in size [my newt] 

    audacious (adj.): brave, nervy [all day shhh’s]