Hello Period 3 and 5  M4CR class,

    We are going through a new adventure with online learning. We will get through this and will learn in other ways. We need to join Math for college readiness topics on Khan Academy. 

    You want to go through these steps:

    1. Make sure you are in Google chrome when you are on the internet.  Go to Khanacademy.org

    2. Press the white "x" to remove the picture of Sal.

    3. Press "sign up". Enter your date of birth then sign up using your North Marion school email. If you already have a Khan account with your North Marion school email, just log in.

    4. Press  "Teachers"

    5. Enter your class code .....                    then press  "join the class"

               Period 3    Class code: UZK2MAMW     (You can use lower case)

               Period 5     Class code: WYYCPGNQ

    6. Press "assignents" to start the activites