• What is OJT?

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    OJT or "On the Job Training" is a class in which the student has a job and is getting a high school credit by working at this job. They are not coming to sit in my classroom. Their OJT class periods are the periods in which they are to be going to work.

    Any student in the OJT program has to have their guardian sign off on this, as well as get their employer's signature saying that they (the employer) understands that the student is working for their company as a high school student who is receiving credit for this, and thus that they need to be receiving a certain amount of hours on their schedule per week, as well as possibly certain times of the day.

    Think of OJT as an "off campus" class. For example, if a student has OJT for their 5th and 6th periods, then at the end of 4th period, they would sign the OJT sign out sheet at the front office and leave for the day. If the student has morning periods of OJT (let's say 1st and 2nd period), they would simply show up to school before 3rd period begins and sign in on the OJT sheet at the front office.


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  • What do I need to do because I'm in OJT?

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    There are 4 papers required to be turned in ASAP for the OJT program:

    • The student/parent agreement
    • The student/employer agreement
    • The student training plan worksheet
    • The OJT syllabus

    The first 2 are the agreements stating that the parent, student, and employer understand that the student is receiving high school credit to be working at their job and that turning in documentation of their job is required. The student training plan describes what duties the student has while working at their chosen establishment. The signature on the OJT syllabus states that the student understands what will be required of them to be in the program.

    Once these papers have been turned in, the student is required to turn in their schedules and their pay stubs to prove that they are working the hours needed. These schedules (the schedule assigned by the employer as well as the written schedule of the ACTUAL hours worked) and the pay stubs need to be turned in every Friday. All pay stubs from throughout the month are expected to be turned in to the student's folder by the end of the month.

    More detailed information can be found over there (<---) under "What is required for OJT."

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  • How am I graded in OJT?

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    You will receive a grade for a few different things in OJT.


    You will receive a weekly grade for
    - Turning in your weekly schedule
    - Signing in/out at the front office every day



    You will receive a grade for
    - Having all pay stubs from that month in your folder. 

    To determine which month your pay stub is a part of, look at the stub date, NOT what dates the pay stub covers. For example: if your pay stub is dated August 22nd, and the dates covered are August 1st to the 15th, then this is obviously an August paystub. But if the pay stub date is September 7th and the pay stub covers August 16th - 31st, this is considered a SEPTEMBER pay stub. Think "when did you receive the money?" If you were paid on September for the work you did in August, I am going to count it as a September pay stub, because that's when you received it. 

    I had a lot of kids unsure about how this worked last year, so I hope this is a clear explanation.



    You will receive your ONLY EXAM GRADE FOR THE 9 WEEKS based on
    - Turning in an accurately filled out 9 week time card
    - Turning in the Employer Evaluation sheet

    If you do not turn these things in, YOU WILL FAIL. You will receive an F for the quarter. Turning in the 9 week time card and Employer Evaluation is EXTREMELY important (for you as the student, and for me as the head of this program), thus your grade relies heavily on this.

    Information about properly filling out the 9 week time card can be found over there (<---) under "What is required for OJT?"

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  • Where do I turn in my schedules and papers?

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    There is a filing cabinet in my room with a drawer labeled "OJT."

    You will open this drawer and find the folder with your name on it and drop in your schedules and pay stubs and anything else you need to be turning in.

    - You do NOT need to come find me to let me know you are turning in your papers.
    - DO NOT turn in your papers to the bins in my room. Those are used for a different class and are accessible to everyone. Your personal work information is on your OJT papers. Make sure you are putting this information safely in your folder.

    I check the OJT folders at the end of the week to see who has turned in what and get things graded (I try to have my grades updated by Monday).

    If you are late to turning in your schedules, you will receive 10 points off for every week you are late. If there are extenuating circumstances preventing you from turning in your schedules on time, you need to talk to me and we will work together to figure out something that works for you.

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  • How do I stay updated on due dates and whatnot?

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    I am on Remind and will send out alerts, reminding the students that the 9 week time card needs to be turned in by a certain date or if there is anything that I feel the OJT students need to know.


    Text the code @ojt1920x to 81010 to receive updates about OJT


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