Kayaking is wonderful!
  • Welcome to Environmental Science Honors. This is going to be a great year as we work to learn about our environment and human impact. We all live here and need to learn about how we can change the world.

    Our class assignments and information are on the Google Classroom. The code to enter the site is provided in class. Parents, you can also view the Google Classroom through an invite. Simply provide the following information and I will invite you:

    • Student Name
    • Parent Name
    • Parent Email (this should be a Gmail account)

    Below are links to the documents that are provided the first day. 

    1. Class Syllabus: This contains policies, procedures, grading information, expectations, and more.
    2. Laboratory Safety Rules: This provides mandatory lab safety rules that must be followed.
    3. Signature Page: This document must be completed and returned to me so I can keep it on file. As with any document, do not sign until you are clear about the information. If you have any questions or would like clarification, please contact me.