• English I Syllabus: 2020-2021 

    Teacher: Ms. Kiara Feliciano 

    Room: 5 – 113 

    Email: Kiara.Feliciano@marion.k12.fl.us 


    About This Course: 

    In this course, students will analyze texts of high complexity, integrating language arts study in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language for college and career preparation and readiness. 


    Course Objectives: 

    By the end of the school year, English I students should be able to: 

    • apply critical and analytical thinking skills when approaching complex texts through reading, writing, speaking, and listening 
    • demonstrate writing skills, with an emphasis on the writing process and writing both informative and argumentative essays; and  
    •  read and analyze complex passages with an emphasis on the close reading process, drawing inferences, literary analysis, and vocabulary 


    Course Texts  

    Major texts include, but are not limited to: 

    • Selections from the course textbook - HMH Florida Collection 
    • CommonLit 


    Materials Needed:   

    Students need the following materials in class each day.  If for any reason the student cannot get these materials, please let me know. 

    1. A 1” binder or a folder for THIS CLASS.   
    1. Plenty of loose leaf/lined paper for writing.  Students will be writing in class daily.   
    1. Multiple black/blue pens and pencils 
    1. Highlighters are optional, but helpful!  


    Class Website:   

    http://www.marionschools.net/wphà click on faculty and staff then faculty directory 

    Throughout the year, the class website is the best way for students to keep up with important dates and assignments.  We will look at how to access information from the class website during the first few days of class. 


    Microsoft Teams:  Students will also be working largely with Microsoft Teams throughout the year.  The app is available for free downloading; it is compatible with all smartphones.  We will go over how to use this application during the first few days of class. 


    Absences from Class:  

    If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to make up any missed work. The student can find out what was missed, what needs to be made up, and when the work needs to be submitted via the Missed Work folder in the classroom or classroom social media platforms.  This is the STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY. 


    Each graded assignment a student completes will fall into 1 or more of the 4 grading standards.  Standards hold different weights, meaning not all assignments will have the same outcome on a student’s overall grade: 

    • Standard 1: Reading Comprehension – 35% à Any assignments related to a reading done in or out of class 
    • Standard 2: Writing – 35% à Any essay, extended response, or short response that a student submits 
    • Standard 3: Language – 20% à Any assignment dealing with vocabulary, grammar, and mechanics  
    • Standard 4: Speaking and Listening – 10% à Any presentation and class discussions 


    Resubmitting Assignments and Tests: 

    Students are expected to work toward mastery and to be prepared for any announced test, quiz, project due date or presentation.  I allow resubmissions under the following conditions:  

    • You earn between a 50% and an 80% on the assignment. (Earning below a 50% illustrates a lack of care in preparation and over an 80% illustrates mastery of the concept already.)  
    • You resubmit within one week of getting the original assignment handed back.   


    ALPHA Time and Detentions:   

    ALPHA Time allows a student time not only to eat lunch but to work with teachers during office hours on make-up work or enrichment.  Additionally, students may be required to serve a classroom detention if s/he commits infractions that fall under West Port’s Code of Conduct.  Students will earn Classroom Infraction Points (CIP) on a weekly basis, and a detention will be required for each 4 CIPs a student has.   A repeated offense will result in a call home.  Points reset at the beginning of each week.  Detention is not meant to be fun, and friends cannot tag along. Refusal to attend a classroom detention will result in a call home and a referral to Student Services.  Points earned are listed on the following page: 

    *You may be required to serve your detention with another teacher if necessary.  This will be pre-arranged; s/he will know you are coming, and there will be consequences for a no-show. 





    Use of Cellphone in Class w/o permission 


    Leave desk or work area messy 


    Eating in class 




    Off Task 


    Unprepared/No HW 




    Refusal to Do Work 







    General Classroom Protocol: 

    There are a few more rules in order for us to have a successful class this year: 

    • No food or drinks are allowed in this classroom.  Water is perfectly acceptable. 
    • Gum chewing (not to be confused with smacking!) is allowed while you read and write! HOWEVER, this privilege will be taken away permanently the second one piece of gum is found under any desk or chair.   
    • Be prompt.   
    • Be prepared. 
    • Be polite. 
    • Be productive. 


    Please scan the QR code below to sign this syllabus by Friday, August 28th. 

     English I Syllabus QR

    Student Desktop Apps

    Students will need to go to their Marion County Student Desktop and access their Office 365 app and once it opens, click on the Microsoft Teams app.


    Students will see all of their courses already listed in Teams, click on the TEAM for my course. All assignments will be posted and collected in the Teams app. If you have trouble accessing your course, please let me know as soon as possible.


    I highly recommend students bring their own personal laptops or tablets to complete their work in class.  

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