• 3/31/2020

    **Zoom Code : 541-426-624**

    Hello lovely people. I'm sure you're wondering what this class could possibly look like for the rest of the semester. WELL I'll tell you! We will be meeting once a week on Zoom (big surprise) starting on Monday, 4/6/20 during our class time (1:00 - 1:45). I will post the meeting code here once I figure that part out. In terms of class material, we will mostly be focusing on your final exams, unfortunately. I will be breaking them down into smaller pieces to gives you plenty of time for them. For the time being, you have NO ASSIGNMENTS. Below is the breakdown for what your final exams wilil look like:

    D&SM I : You will be creating a preperatory prompt book for your theoretical show next Fall. (I understand not all of you will actually get the opportunity to use this information, but it's still a helpful process). You will be choosing a show from the Singley Tech Title list (will be posted here soon) to work with as a model for how you as a director will create your books in the Fall. You will write audition notices, plan blocking, anticipate problems, and deepen your understanding of the show. Yay!

    D&SM II: You will pretend to be preparing for a full scale mainstage production. You will do a similar process as above, except you will follow through will casting from the members of our company, and will be presented with problems in production (made up by yours truly). You will "work with" technicians, publicity, stage managers and actors--all of whom will have problems at one point or another that you will fix. 

    D&SM III: You will be mock interviewing for a job at an actual theatre for a actual published season. YOu will choose a theatre, do background research, and prepare to apply for the job of directing by interviewing with an artistic director. You will take on responsibilities more closely related with an artistic director, but these will only serve to inform you for your mock interview. 


    If you have questions about any of the above projects, please don't hesitate to ask. 




    August 2019

    Class Introduction, Etc Etc. See Syllabus, Assignments, Calendar, & Bwednesdays below

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