• HAWK HOUR/STUDY HALL  EMERGENCY LESSONS: (Between 1st and 2nd block of the day Room 4-218)
    *Substitute lesson plans are provided for each day the teacher is absent. If for some reason these are unavailable or for some other reason, they can not be implemented, you may use the below listed alternatives:

    Lesson #1: Study Skills Handouts  (To be used from August-September)

    Lesson #2: Career Interest Survey  (To be used from October-November)

    Lesson #3: How am I doing? Study Habits Questionairre  (To be used from December-January)

    Lesson #4:                     (To be used from February-March)

    Lesson #5:                    (To be used in April-May)

    Emergency Lesson Plan worksheets (already copied) – are located on the shelf next to teacher's desk.