1. Show respect to everyone, always

    2. Lead by example


    Just do it!


                Arrive on time- Be seated and working on the Do Now activity when the tardy bell rings

                Use courtesy- Be respectful in your words and interactions at all times.

                Be responsible for you- Care for your work, your property, and your learning.

                Treat materials with respect- Take it out? Put it back! Treat all materials as well or better than your own.

                Keep electronics off and away- There is a zero-tolerance policy for electronics in this classroom. Devices may either be placed in the charging station or put in a backpack during class, and will not be pulled out at all during the period.



                Seating-you will be assigned a seat. Be prepared to move frequently and work with new groups. Ensure that your work area is clean prior to leaving class.

                Restroom/Water- sign out quietly and take the hall pass. Be in and out in 6 minutes or less. No pit stops. You may not go during the first or last 5 minutes of class, or during lecture.

                Dismissal-an alarm will ring two (2) minutes prior to the bell. At this time, and not before, you may pack up, clean your area, and turn in assignments. Stay seated until the dismissal bell rings.

                Late/Missing work- Please check teacher website or Google Classroom. Late work will be accepted for 3 days after the due date and will incur a 10-point penalty for every date late.