• Sept. 
    1. Welcome!
    2. Discuss Goals of Hawk Time
    3. Review of last year

  • Study Hall Goals of Hawk Time (9:50-10:20am)
    1. Take I-Ready Assessments
    (Language Arts and Math teachers can use these scores to adjust learning goals).
    2. Learn or improve study skills.
    3. Get help with completing assignments and projects. 
    4. Silent Reading time.
    5. Club times - Once a month.

    Relay for Life Goals
    1. Learn about cancer - causes, effects, prevention
    2. Learn about the American Cancer Society - history, services
    3. Raise funds for Ocala Making Strides against Breast Cancer
         (Oct. 13, 2018 @Veterans Memorial Park)
        and Relay for Life (April 12, 2019 - Citizens Circle/City Hall)
    4. Experience and participate in community service.