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Mr. Sloan

I hope you and your family and friends are well. I understand there are many changes happening and I want to assure you I understand these changes may often bring new stresses and challenges to individuals and families. I have thought often of students and families since leaving for spring break and I hope you all are navigating these challenges as best as possible. 



Math Instruction will proceed online for the foreseeable future. I understand this is a big change for students, parents, and myself. However, I am confident that with patience, perseverance, and a little more patience, we will be able to achieve excellence results under these new circumstances.  


Below you will find an overview of my instructional plan going forward.  


Mr. Sloan’s Distance Learning Plan: 

  • Communication with students and parents about assignments and due dates will take place in Google Classroom. Google Classroom is an online platform that students access via their Marion County Public Schools Desktop. You may find that other teachers are also using Google Classrooms for their instruction as well. I have created a Math Class in Google Classroom by class period. Students are required to log in to their Google Classroom regularly to stay aware of assignments and updates. Students are to complete assignments by their due date (usually 5 to 7 days after assigned).  
  • Students log into their Google Classroom by first logging into the Marion County Public Schools (MCPS) Desktop, then locating the Google Apps link at the bottom of the screen, then locating the Google Classroom app icon. 
  • Students have already been placed into a Mathematics Google Classroom arranged by class period. Please contact me by email if you are having difficulties accessing your Google Classroom math class. 
  • Parents must receive an invite to separately view their student’s Mathematics Google Classroom. Parents: please send me an email request to gain access to your student’s Google Classroom. Please contact me by email if you are having difficulties accessing your student’s Google Classroom math class. 
  • While students Google Classroom will list assignments and due dates, most instruction will utilize the Khan Academy online learning platform. Khan Academy is a non-profit online learning platform I have chosen to use as my core platform for finishing instruction for the year, having made this decision based on the fact that we are in the 4th quarter of the year and have limited time to explore the extensive online e-textbook option available to students.  
  • To complete assignments in Khan Academy, students MUST log in to Khan Academy using their student emailInstructions for logging in to Khan Academy are as follows:   
  • If students are using a computer to log into Khan Academy, they must first check to see that they are logged in to their Google Chrome web browser using their student email and portal password.  
  • Note: if students do NOT first log in to their chrome browser with their own student email and password, they will likely have difficulty logging into Khan Academy to view and complete assignments. Please reach out for assistance if you are having difficulty with this step.   
  • Note: every student has a student email provided by Marion County Public Schools. Student email addresses usually follows the convention
  • Informational Note: even though the student email extension is, this email is still a google email. 
  • The Khan Academy website can be found at 
  • Students will click Login, then choose the “Continue with Google” option. Students will type in their student email address and Marion County Public Schools portal password.  
  • If students are using a phone or tablet for Khan Academy, they may download the Khan Academy app and follow the same instructions listed above, by logging in using the “Continue with Google” option.  
  • Remember to check the Google Classroom for assignment requirements and due dates..  
  • Contact me with any difficulties with logging in to Khan Academy.  
  • Each week students are required to complete iReady online instruction. Students are required to complete at least 50 minutes AND one full lesson with a score of 75% or above. The goal of working in iReady is to have students complete 50 minutes of high-quality focused learning, not simply to log in and get to 50 minutes. Please check students Google Classroom webpage for details regarding due dates for iReady assignments.  
  • I will have office hours five days per week: office hours are times where I am available for two-way communication with students and parents. I will use this time to call students and parents to answer questions related to instruction, assignments, and tests. I can communicate via email, phone call, and with parents through ClassDojo. Another option is to use the Zoom app for video conferencing; I will be using Zoom in a limited fashion for one-on-one assistance, however I prefer email, phone, and for parents ClassDojo. Please initiate a request for contact by email (preferred) or phone call, and I will call you as soon as possible during the following office hours: Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 11:30 am and 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm. While these are my set office hours during which I must be available for two-way communication, I will try to answer questions outside of these times when able.  
  • Students should use their student email as the primary means of initiating student-teacher communication. Students may also post general questions in Google Classroom, however I encourage students to use their student email as the primary means of communication. Students can access their email by first logging into the portal and clicking on the Office356 app icon, then clicking on the Outlook app icon. I will follow up with a phone call as needed. I will strive to return emails and calls within 24 hours.   
  • Parents may use email (preferred) or phone call to initiate communication. I will strive to return emails and calls within 24 hours 
  • Students will receive 2-3 assignments per week in mathematics. These assignments are required and will be graded. Grades will be updated in Skyward on a regular basis: within 5 school days or less of the assignment due date. Assignments fall into three categories: Homework, Quizzes and In-class assignments, and Tests. I am well aware that students and families may be facing difficulties during this time: please contact me for extensions and accommodation requests. 


I will be using this Distance Learning Plan going forward until regular classes resume, and will make modifications as needed. Please remember to visit Google Classroom for assignment details and due dates. I look forward to navigating this online learning experience with you and have high expectations for a successful online learning experience for students, parents, and myself going forward until regular classes resume. Please reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns.  


Thank you, 


Mr. Sloan