• Plate Tectonics Quiz Questions

    This is an open book quiz. 

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  • Unit 1- 20 Scientific Truths

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  • Science Vocabulary #1- Introduction to E/S Science


    If printing at home, select 80% sizing prior to printing so that the pages fit in your science notebook. 

    Using the provided definitions, you may choose to write a creative sentence or draw a picture to represent the meaning of each vocabulary term. 

    Make sure to use the term in the context provided. For example, if the word was "Initial" and the definition was "the first", your sentence may be "The initial preparations for the rocket launch start on Friday", and NOT, "Please initial this form saying that you have read it."

    You MAY change the word as needed, as long as the context remains the same. For example, "Initially the rocket was set to launch on Monday, but NASA changed the date to Friday". 

    If you write sentences, please highlight the key terms and use neat handwriting. Remember, sentences must be your own. 

    If you draw pictures, please add color. Feel free to add labels/words if necessary. Pictures must be your creation- no photos, clip art, etc...

    You may decide to do a combination of sentences/drawings on the assignment. 

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