• Words You Need to Know #2

    This is page 2 of a 2 page assignment.

    Remember to set the page sizing to 80% before printing so that this fits nicely in your notebook. 

    Same instructions and rules from page one apply to this page. 


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  • Words You Need to Know # 1

    This is page one of a two page assignment. 

    Note for printing at home: Set the page size at 80% before printing so that it will fit in your notebook. 

    Directions: In each box you will see an important vocabulary term and its definition for this class. Using the definition provided, write a creative sentence OR draw a picture to represent the word in the context given. 

    For example, if the word was "Initial"meaning "the first", your sentence may be "My initial thought is that middle school is awesome!" or a drawing representing your first day of school. You should NOT do a sentence like, "Please initial on the dotted line." You also should NOT draw your initials for your picture. The meaning I have given is the one that needs to be shown.

    Rules for sentences:

    They must be neatly written, the vocabulary word should be highlighted, all work should be your own.

    Rules for drawings:

    They must be clear and use all/most of the space provided, they should be colored, work should be your own (no photos, clip art, etc...) Labels and words may be used to add meaning. 

    PS- If you want to do a mix of drawings and sentences on the assignment, go for it! :)

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