Grade Components - Math


    Assessments (A)

    Classwork (CW)

    Participation (P)





Quick Checks

  • I use Quick Checks to review, remediate and reinforce skills that we are learning or have learned in class.  It usually consists of 2-5 problems that students complete independently, check, and then correct.  Students are given an opportunity to ask questions about the problems they miss and we often work out problems together to make sure students understand the skill.


    On Friday, the Quick Check becomes a Quick Quiz.  The score on this quiz is recoreded in the gradebook in the assessments category.


    The weekly focus skill(s) can now be found on the planner page of my website.

Standard Checks

  • Standard Checks are assessments that target a specific standard.  These are county assessments with question types that replicate the manner in which the skills will be tested in the Spring.  Standard checks are recorded in the grade book in the assessments category.


    Question types include: multiple choice, multi-select, table match, and gridded response.  Throughout the year, your child will have multiple opportunities to work with these types of questions.


    Dates of the standard checks will be posted on the planner page of the website.


  • Participation grades reflects appropriate participation in daily learning experiences.  Grades of less than 100 may reflect a lack of focus or attention to detail that could reflect poorly in other grade categories.  Students that do not participate appropriately in lessons and activities may stuggle to complete classwork and pass assessments.  Please feel free to contact me if you become concerned about your child's participation in class.


  • Classwork refers to assignments or activities that students complete during class time.  Sometimes, classwork is not finished during class and must be completed at home.  If you see a due date next to a classwork assignment on the planner page, that assignment was started in class but must be finished at home.  


    Classwork is graded on effort and completeness.  If you see grades other than 100, your child is not completing some or all of the assignments.