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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

  • Unit for Quarter 4: Waves, Sound and Light


    Unit Essential Question: What is the relationship between a wave’s properties and its behavior?



    transverse, longitudinal, electromagnetic, mechanical, medium • crest, trough, amplitude, wavelength, frequency, speed

    electromagnetic spectrum, reflection, refraction, absorption, pitch, loudness, echo, Doppler Effect


    By the End of this Unit Students should be able to: 


    • Describe how waves transfer energy.

    • Identify wave properties.

    • Explain the relationship between frequency and wavelength.

    • Describe the effect of different media on wave speed.

    • Identify that light waves can be reflected, refracted or absorbed.

    • Explain how frequency and pitch are related.

    • Explain how loudness and amplitude are related.

    • Interpret the electromagnetic spectrum.

    • Identify, compare and contrast types of electromagnetic waves.