• MATHCOUNTS 2019-2020

    What is the NMMS MATHCOUNTS program?  The NMMS MATHCOUNTS Program (often referred to as the “MathColts”) is an enrichment and competition program for high-achieving students in Algebra and Geometry courses.

    What would I do in this program?  We participate in a variety of activities, including:

    • Weekly club meetings focused on advanced math concepts, fun activities, and competition preparation.
    • Math competitions such as the MATHCOUNTS Competition Series, AMC-8, and Math League competitions.
    • After winter break, a competition will determine the students (usually 8) that will compete at the district MATHCOUNTS competition, with the chance to qualify for the State competition. Students from our program have qualified for the state-level MATHCOUNTS competition four out of the last eight years.
    • There are also “unofficial” competitions we run as a club program.

    When does MATHCOUNTS meet?  MATHCOUNTS practices are on Tuesdays until 5:00pm.  We will meet in my classroom and dismiss at the bus loop.  Some additional dates may be scheduled after consulting with club members.

    Eligibility:  Students in the MATHCOUNTS program must meet the expectations listed below.  Grades are checked at each progress report and report card.

    • Maintain a “B” average in Algebra or Geometry Honors at each progress report and report card.
    • Have an overall 2.5 core GPA, and a “C” or better in all courses.
    • No “Level 2” referrals or any referral resulting in an out-of-school suspension.
    • Attend and participate in practices – students with three absences within a 9-week period will forfeit their spot in the program.
      • Absences may be excused in cases of illness or family emergency with a written parent note (or e-mail). 
    • Complete weekly practice assignments. These are important for preparing for mathematics competitions versus other schools.  

    Initial selection:  MATHCOUNTS members are selected based on a tryout system.  Please note: If you were a member of MATHCOUNTS in the 2018-2019 school year, you will still need to complete the tryout process to remain a member in 2019-2020.

    • All students take a basic skills assessment as part of the Algebra and Geometry courses on August 16.  
    • An invitational tryout will be held on August 27 to participate in a practice mini-competition.
    • A second-round tryout will take place on September 3, which will be a practice ciphering (speed) competition.
    • Results will be used by Dr. Lockley and Mr. Melancon to select this year's MATHCOUNTS members.