• To: Parents and Students                                           2020/2021 School Year 



         Welcome to the new adventure. This school year will certainly be one for the record books. I understand the concerns completely, to have your student school from home. Just know that, the entire Fort McCoy school staff are working so very hard to ensure all our students have a successful school experience.  

         I am Mr. Masters. My room is VE middle school grades Language Arts 1, 2 & 3 and Social Studies, World History, Civics & U.S. History. Needless to say, a very busy room. Many of my students have varying skill levels and are provided with support to assist in their academic success. Those students that will be learning online will have access to all materials that are used in brick and mortar setting, online to them. As well as anything that I can find to assist them on an individual basis. 

        Parents and students that are online: I have included on my teacher web pages, a contact tab,  with ways to communicate with me, for anything pertaining to your student's  academics.    

    Go To: Fort McCoy School website.  On that website, look on the right side of the page midway and you will see the link that will take you to the teacher web pages. Click on my name, (Bryan Masters) to access my class web pages and view information provided.    

    Working together we can make this school year a safe and enjoyable one!! 


    Mr. Masters 

    VE Teacher Middle School 

     Ft. McCoy School 

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