• To access your google classroom:

    This link is an informational how to video for Google Classroom:

    How To Use Google Classroom

    1)  Log into your Marion County Student Desktop

    2)  Click on Google Apps

    3)  Click on Google Classroom

    4)  In the upper right hand corner, select the + sign

    5)  Enter the class code linked to the class period you are enrolled in.

                      1st Period AVID Elective:                            55mln6n

                      3rd Period Algebra 1-CATS On-line:             2xw2ef2 

                      4th Period Algebra 1-CATS On-line:             y7buhbg

                      5th Period Algebra 1:                                 tc6cdzu

                      6th Period Algebra 1:                                 7sufvaq

                      CAT Period:                                               wsrvny5