This course is designed to provide a basic overview of current business and information systems and trends, and to introduce students to fundamental skills required for today's business and academic environments.  Emphasis is placed on developing fundamental computer skills.  The intention of this course is to prepare students to be successful both personally and professionally in an information-based society. 



    Digital Information Technology includes the exploration and use of: databases, the internet, spreadsheets, presentation applications, management of personal information and email, word processing and document manipulation, HTML, web page design, and the integration of these programs using software that meets industry standards. 

    Soft Skills & Career Ready Practices

    Career and Technical Education is designed to prepare students for successful careers in the workforce. Students will participate in activities in this course that will equip them with the soft skills and career practices employers are looking for in potential employees. Skills developed in this course include:

    Communication                                                            Teamwork                               

    Reliability & Dependability                                           Positive Attitude

    Flexibility & Adaptability                                              Strong Work Ethic

    Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving                            Social Responsibility

    Technical and Computer Skills


    Hybrid Learning Model

    Students will be completing 60% of the coursework through an online program. Content will be delivered through computer modules, viewing video clips, class discussion and individual assignments. This course meets the online course required for graduation. It also counts as an elective.


    College and Work Readiness

    Every student will participate in lessons to reinforce skills needed for the FCAT, SAT, ACT, and Common Core State Standards for college and work readiness. This course will help students refine their reading, writing and proofreading skills, develop recordkeeping skills, learn about ethics, employability skills and how to use Microsoft and Adobe CC applications and the Internet.  


    Industry Certifications*                                  

    Microsoft Office Specialist

    *Students are expected to study and sit for the Microsoft Office Certification Exams.   The exams take place in the Forest Testing Center. Cost of the exams are included in the course.



    Each assignment, quiz, test, class activity, participation, group and individual projects will be assigned a point total. Grades will be based on the percentage weight of each category. Total points for the course will be based on number of assignments, activities, quizzes, etc.

    Assessment Plan


    Percent of Grade

    Grading Scale


    Fundamental Skills

    ·         Typing Skills (speed & accuracy

    ·         Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel & PowerPoint



    A = 90-100%

    Exceeds Expectations; consistent and most effective application of critical thinking, great troubleshooting skills, active participant in class, works well in a team, good attendance and professional ethics, model for others to follow.

    Weekly Assignments

    ·         Vocabulary

    ·         Document creation

    ·         Classroom participation



    B = 80-89%

    Meets Expectations; effective application of critical thinking, good troubleshooting skills, active participant in class, good attendance and professional ethics, consistently completes all assignments above minimum requirements, a solid performer.

    Quizzes & Tests

    ·         Section & Unit Tests

    ·         Practice Tests

    ·         Certification Exams



    C = 70-79%

    Passing Grade; accomplishes minimum requirements, satisfactory understanding of the basic concepts, good attendance and professional ethics.

    Soft Skills

    ·         Dependability

    ·         Communication

    ·         Teamwork

    ·         Attitude

    ·         Work Ethic



    D = 60-69%

    Passing Grade; quality and quantity of work and participation is below average, poor attendance




    F = below 60%

    Failing; quality and quantity of work and participation or professional ethics unacceptable



    • Notebook
    • Pencil, pen, highlighter
    • Earbuds