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Current Assignments

Past Due Assignments

There are no past due assignments.

  • Please complete one of the tasks listed below. I have included extras in case students would like additional projects to do. Parents, please email me when your child has completed one of the activities. Be sure to include first and last name, grade and homeroom teacher. I would love to see their artwork but it is not required that you send pictures of it to me.


    1. Create different types of lines (wavy, zigzag, straight, dashed, dotted, vertical and horizontal) with household objects. Get creative and use objects like legos, dry pasta, toys and straws. See the example below.

              assignment 1


    1. Create a color wheel with household objects/toys, example below. Find one object for each primary color (red, blue and yellow). Find one object for each secondary color (orange, green and purple). Use the six objects to create a color wheel.  

                        assignment 2

    1. Read a book and draw a picture of your favorite character or part. If you do not have a book go storyline online(they have lot's of great choices). Please spend at least 10minutes creating your masterpiece. Be sure to include detail and a background ,color it in if possible.


    Questions to ask students:

    -What kind of lines did you use?

    -What can you tell me about your project?

    -What do you like about your project? 

    -Tell me about the colors you used?

    -Why did you choose this project?

    Bonus Questions: -Name three warm colors and three cool colors?

    -What elements of art did you use in your poject?