ALL WORK IS DUE May 27th by 3:00PM!!!

    Students can request to re-do assignments through Friday at 3:00PM only.

    This is it...make it count!


    Ms. O'Leary's Intensive Reading Class  May 11-27, 2020


    Use your MCPS Desktop to Log-In to Google Classroom


     All assignments are located in google classroom for this week and can be viewed on my assignments page in google classroom.

    Due dates are not set in stone so students can pace themselves accordingly. 

    There is one article for this week. There are seven multiple choice questions and three short answer response questions following the reading. Make sure you read the directions and questions carefully. As always use the A.C.E. strategy!


    Make sure you restate the question with a complete answer (in your own words) and support your answer by using evidence from the text (copy text=quotations or paraphasing)! (A.C.E.)


    If anyone is having trouble signing in to google classroom here are the codes for each class. 

    1st Period: gajpzm7

    2nd Period: gf6i2m6

    3rd Period: szvjmwv

    4th Period: g3ruoow

    5th Period: jqdhdws

    6th Period: jhge2y7

    If you are still having trouble signing in please send me an e-mail.


    P.S. I still miss you!