Welcome to Ms. O'Leary's Intensive Reading Webpage!

    If you have been out this week, here is what we are doing this week February 22-26, 2021!

    All work can be found in the assignment section in TEAMS. This week we are taking the i-ready which you can do once you come back. Make sure you complete the historical event article that we started last week. I put in an organizer in the assignment section of TEAMS to help you organize the article. Also, I would look up newspaper articles about the event during that time period if possible to help come up with ideas and ways to word the information in your articles as well. We miss you!

    In this course we will be using the program Escalate English to increase academic vocabulary and comprehension. This program can be found on the student desktop as Holt McDougal Online. We will also be utilizing Microsoft Teams for online learning and collaboration.