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    Marion County Public Schools may record online classroom sessions utilizing third-party platforms (Zoom, Google Classroom, etc.).  These recordings will only be used for educational purposes and may be shared on other learning platforms.  If you do not want your child’s image or identifying information recorded, utilize your device/platform controls to stop the camera feed from your device.


    Okay students.  You have to watch the ENTIRE video.  Many of you are only watching a couple of seconds.  I have a report that tells me exactly how much of the video each of you has watched.  


    many of you are asking "What is EDGEXL?"
    When you to to algebra nation to watch the videos, it is the tab on the far right. Take the quiz as often as you like. I'll take the highest score 


    I've heard many of you are having problems getting on Algebra Nation.  My best advice at this time is to try and get on earlier in the day or later in the day.  It's getting a lot of use and I guess it gets bogged down. Things are always changing and I will use this page to share information.

    Stay safe everyone  


    Welcome back one and all.  Please check out the COVID-19 page.  Please sign up for your google classroom. 

    Period 1: lle35qr

    Period 2:  r6ajlhn

    period 3:  3xkwovz

    Period 4:  efunnby

    Period 5: afvol65

    Period 6:  bdtl5i4


    Period 4 wins for the coolest class code


    Please check google classroom every day.  You must respond to the daily question.  That will be how I take roll.  There will be a short assignment in algebra nation everyday.  Usually it will be to watch a video or two. 

    Please stay safe.  



    In an attempt to continue learning, I am providing supplementary content prepared by the district until students return to school.

    This learning is encouraged for every student and will not be graded.

    The instructions can be found by looking for the Algebra 1 model on the following website. Instructions are provided for student logins. I will be happy to help with any math content and/or details of how to navigate Khan Academy. Please email me at "john.mcmurrer@marion.k12.fl.us" with a good time to call you. I will be checking regularly from 9:15am-3:15pm Monday to Friday.



    Please check this website regularly as the situation changes and/or more coursework is added.


    Please be safe. 






    Hello Students and Parents:


    I'm John McMurrer.  I have been teaching Algebra for 7 years.  This is my first year here at West Port and I couldn't be happier.  


    My classes will be:

    Period 1: Algebra 1b

    Period 2: Algebra 1b

    Period 3: Algebra 1b

    Period 4: Algebra 1 Honors

    Period 5:  Algebra 1b

    Period 6: Algebra 1 Honors


    There will be some kind of assignment almost every day.  What we do not finish in class will have to be completed at home.    

    The best way to contact me is via email my address is: john.mcmurrer@marion.k12.fl.us. I promise to reply by the end of the next school day.