Meet the Teacher

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    My name is Libby Keister, and I am the music teacher here at Saddlewood Elementary. I love teaching music! An education in music is such a vital part of a child's comprehensive education. Music is a creative outlet for students, teaching them skills such as collaboration, communication, and composition.


    My love of teaching music began to grow as I studied music education at Anderson Univeristy in Anderson, South Carolina. During my time at Anderson University, I had the privilege of learning and teaching alongside wonderful teachers in both elementary schools and high schools from across the region. While at Anderson University, I had several opportunities to grow as a performer such as Concert Choir, Piano Ensemble, and solo performances. The most memorable performing opporunity was when I was selected to participate in "Anderson's Got Talent," a solo exhibition featuring students from the music department at Anderson University performing alongside the city's community orchestra, the Anderson Symphony Orchestra. Preparation for this performance was long, hard, and stressful, but the performance was an amazing experience I will never forget! My experiences at Anderson Univeristy fostered my love of music and teaching. After graduation in May of 2019 with a Bachelor's in Music Education, I began preparing for this postion I hold now, doing my best to put my excitement and love of music into every lesson I prepared to teach your student.


    In my music classroom, we learn about music from different culures, create music individually and in groups, perform using proper performance techniques, play different instruments, and communicate our thoughts and feelings about music through writing and discussion. Music offers so much for us to learn, and my goal is to teach your student as much as I can about music with the hopes that they will discover a love for it in the process.