• Welcome back, we have work to do. We will be using Google Classroom quite a bit more than we already have. I will try my hardest to make each lesson as efficient as possible. I won't waste your time and I expect the same from each of you.

    We will continue with Safety and Sanitation.




    Mr. Garcia



    Program Description:

    Culinary Arts is designed to introduce students to fundamental food preparation, terms, concepts, and methods in the Foodservice Industry. Laboratory practice will parallel class work. Fundamental techniques, skills, and terminology are covered and mastered with an emphasis on basic kitchen and dining room safety, sanitation, equipment maintenance and operation procedures. Each course requires a dedication to learning the skills and work ethics needed to be successful in the Foodservice Industry.



    Students will learn through teacher and student led instruction. Because this course has career and technology based objectives, students will complete individual and group projects as well as demonstrate good employability skills.

              The grading scale is:


                                 90-100  A                       25 % Final Exam

                                 80-89    B                       25 % Employability Skills

                                 70-79    C                       25 % Daily Activities

                                 60-69    D                       25 % Labs/Projects/Tests

                                  0-69     F


    Missing Work:

    Each assignment will have a due date and time. Turn in the work you have completed by that date and time to receive credit for the work you have done. You will not receive credit for any work turned in late. In the event a student is absent from class that student will have two days for every excused absence or suspension to make up assignments. Unexcused absences are not eligible to make up work. Students who are absent during labs will be given alternate assignments.





    Cell Phones:

    Cell phones, I-Pads, I-Watches or anything similar are not allowed at any time.


    Each student will have the option of turning in their device to me at the beginning of class or turning off their device and putting it away in a book bag or purse or similar. If you have your electronic device out at any time during class it will result in the device being sent to the office for parent retrieval.



    Classroom Expectations:

    Each student is expected to be in class each day prepared to learn. A 3-ring binder, paper, and writing utensil are required in class every day. Respect for other students, teacher, and classroom will be mandatory to ensure safety. Because this class deals with the foodservice industry, excellent personal hygiene will be expected. Students will be expected to participate in class discussions and activities, individually and with a team. Laboratory participation will be a major part of this class. With safety being a major concern, students with improper behavior will not be allowed to participate in labs. Alternate assignments will be given.



              Each day Students are to:

    1. Be in class at his or her assigned seat on time prepared to learn.
    2. Listen and follow directions the first time they are given.
    3. Respect others and their personal space and property.
    4. Raise their hand to speak and leave their seat.
    5. Do their own work. Cheating of any kind will result in a zero.
    6. Participate.


    Consequences of not meeting expectations:

          1st – Students will write the Culinary Classroom rules 5 times.

          2nd – Parent will be notified, Lab suspension, Alternate assignment.

          3rd – Disciplinary write-up with administration.


    Tardy Policy:


              1st Tardy – Verbal Warning

              2nd Tardy – Written Warning

              3rd Tardy – Parent Phone Contact

              4th Tardy – Referral Each Time Thereafter


    Kitchen Attire:

    Each student must maintain a Work Ethic grade of B or better to participate in kitchen lab assignments. All students must dress appropriately while completing labs by following these guidelines:


    1. Closed toe shoes and socks that extend above the ankle.
    2. Long pants that extend to the ankle.
    3. Short sleeve to 3/4 sleeve shirts (Chef Coats are available)
    4. Long hair is to be pulled back. All hair is to be covered.
    5. Wash hands and wear apron when entering the kitchen.
    6. Failure to comply with dress code will result in Lab suspension. Alternate assignment will be given.



               Kitchen Behavior:

    1. Safety contract must be signed by Student and Parent/Guardian before student enters the Lab.
    2. Students are to follow instructions and stay on task.
    3. Your Lab assignment is not complete until the entire kitchen is clean and ready for the next class.
    4. If you choose to criticize the food you make please consider you are still learning. If you criticize someone else’s food be respectful and constructive.
    5. Any behavior that increases the risk of injury will result in Lab suspension. Alternate assignment will be given.