• I am happy to see many more students got into the classroom.  However, I just wanted to say that all of my assignments are also listed here (on the right hand side under assignments).  You can also type up the essay, vocab, etc. on your device and email it to me directly.  Send them to: heather.franqui@marion.k12.fl.us

    Everything else will be done in the actual apps (i-Ready, Stemscopes, etc.). 

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  • I am not sure why some of my students are getting into the classroom and some are not able to.  However, if you guys go into your student portal and into the "office 365" square, sign in with your firstname.lastname@marionstudents.net, click work or school account, then your portal password.  Then click on the outlook icon.  This is your school issued email account.  From here, you will find an email from me inviting you to join my classroom.  I really hope that this helps.  


    FYI: This is your personal email and you can email me from here too!

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  • Welcome Back Students

    Hello to all my students and their famillies, I have missed you all. First off let me say to each and everyone of you...I hope that you are all staying home and staying healthy.  You have all been on my mind a lot these last few weeks and I know that this is a very uncertain time right now for many of us.  Please know that I will continue to be here for you all in any way that I can be.  I am working hard to try an create assignments and navigate the virtual school world for the first time.  There will be many questions to start off with, and that is okay.  Please know that together we will be successful.  If you have not heard from me personally by Thursday of this week (April 2nd), this means that I do not have current contact information for you and your family.  Please reach out to me at that point by any means that I have listed, this way I can get up to date contact information for you as soon as possible.  

    You will have assignments that will post weekly and are always due by Friday at 5pm.  This will allow me time to then grade them and insert grades into Skyward.  If you have questions throughout the week...please reach out to me.  As we go through this process, I will be posting videos (short mini lessons, or how to videos) that you can access from my webpage as well.  These are meant to help you through the assignments or to provide you with additional information.  I will need you all to download the app ZOOM to your devices please.  This is a way for us to all come together once a week in a video conference as a whole group.  Here you all will be able to see me, each other, and to have many of your questions answered.  Our virtual meetings will begin this week.  Our meetings will be on Wednesdays at 11:00am.  My code for the ZOOM Meetings will be: 317838505. I also need you to go into Google Apps (from your student portal) and click on the Google Classroom.  From here you can join a class.  You will use the following class code to appear into my class: znd56o7  This program is where you can post assignments and also you can communicate with me here as well.  

    My office hours (meaning times that parents can schedule a conference via phone etc.) is Monday - Friday 10:00 - 11:00 and 3:00 - 4:00.  I hope that these times will work for parents.  However, you know that I am always available via email and text.  Most of you already have that information, but I will list it below just to be sure.  Each and everyone of you are in my thoughts and I love you all.  Please stay active with me in the virtual journey that we are taking and you will be fine!  I miss you all so very much, but I look forward to seeing you all in the Zoom Meetings weekly.  



    Email: heather.franqui@marion.k12.fl.us

    Phone: 352-812-4460 (cell)

    I am listing my cell number because I will be working from home, if you call me at my school number and leave a message...I will not get it.  Please call or text me at this number, or contact me via email.  

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