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    Monday, July 6, 2020

  • Hi, everyone!

    By now, all Soundtrack to My Life essays have been graded and returned. Per the class syllabus, you have until Thursday (Periods 1, 3, 5)/Friday (Periods 4 and 6) to resubmit the assignment should you choose to improve your grade.

    To qualify for resubmission you must have scored between a 50% and an 80%. If you submitted the essay late or as a make-up assignment, you may not resubmit. If you did not submit the assignment at all, you may not submit.
    Please, take careful consideration of the notes I gave you. These notes will guide you to improvements in your writing.

    Refer to your syllabus should you have any questions about resubmission. If you're still lost, email me or see me during ALPHA times.

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  • Attention:


    New ALPHA time hours for my class:


    Closed during A.  Open during B.


    Thank you!

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