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    Wednesday, April 1, 2020

  • Hello, Students!

    Well, isn’t this quite the school year… But, you know what? I’m just as perplexed as you, so we’re all in this together.

    Let’s get back to business. My goal, starting April 1st until April 15th, is to make our classes are as normal as possible. You are no strangers to the internet or to Google Classroom. You know that I post there daily and how to turn in assignments under the Classwork tab. You know very well that if you email me or comment on Google Classroom that I ALWAYS get back to you in haste no matter what time of day. You know that if you let me know of any struggles you have with an assignment that I am more than willing to help you and work with you. You know that I am on your side. I want you to succeed. These things will not change.

    However, in order to help you succeed in light of these new challenges, I have to put in place some new rules. (You can forget about “Hats off, hoods off, earbuds away,” for now…)

    Here’s how we’ll get through this together:

    1. Consider Google Classroom your school. That is where you will find everything you need to know about my class. If your parents want, they can join the class, too. Just have them email me. (kiara.feliciano@marion.k12.fl.us)

    2. I will post on Google Classroom daily. That means you need to check it like it’s your Instagram.

    3. SUPER IMPORTANT: I’m still taking attendance! When I post on Google Classroom, you MUST comment on my post with an affirmation so that I know you’ve seen the post. “Got it,” “Thank you,” “Here,” “Present” are all acceptable replies. If you don’t do this, I will have to mark you absent for the day. If I don’t hear from you after three days, I will have to report this, and we will have to reach out to your parents.

    4. My new office hours are from 9:15AM-3:45PM. These are the best times to reach out to me if you need further explanation of an assignment or if you have any questions or concerns or technical difficulties.

    5. I’ve said it already, but THIS IS YOUR CLASSROOM. Comport yourselves as such. This is an academic setting. Anything inappropriate will be seen by administration. You will not be free of the consequences just because we’ve gone virtual.

    6. I have a new method of reaching out to me. You can now text me through Remind. Here’s how you join:
    -Period 1 - Text @kfeliciano to 81010
    -Period 2 - Text @kfelician to 81010
    -Period 3 - Text @88g3g6 to 81010
    -Period 4 - Text @ag429b to 81010
    -Period 5 - Text @gacaha to 81010
    -Period 6 - Text @h3ff23 to 81010

    I hate that our first year together is so crazy, but I promise to do everything I can on my end to make this as stress-free as possible. I’ve whipped up some assignments of interest to exercise your minds while you’re away. You’ll see! Please, stay healthy, stay strong, and stay safe. You’re all truly missed.

    As Mrs. Cruze always says, we are prompt, we are prepared, we are polite, and we are productive.

    That’s all the announcements for today.

    Have a great day, West Port, and Goooo Wolf Pack!


    Ms. Feliciano

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  • Hi, everyone!

    By now, all Soundtrack to My Life essays have been graded and returned. Per the class syllabus, you have until Thursday (Periods 1, 3, 5)/Friday (Periods 4 and 6) to resubmit the assignment should you choose to improve your grade.

    To qualify for resubmission you must have scored between a 50% and an 80%. If you submitted the essay late or as a make-up assignment, you may not resubmit. If you did not submit the assignment at all, you may not submit.
    Please, take careful consideration of the notes I gave you. These notes will guide you to improvements in your writing.

    Refer to your syllabus should you have any questions about resubmission. If you're still lost, email me or see me during ALPHA times.

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  • Attention:


    New ALPHA time hours for my class:


    Closed during A.  Open during B.


    Thank you!

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