golden rule


    Respect is important for a society to function. 

    Students will collaborate with each other several times during the year.  

    All of us will:

    • Respect others when they are speaking by giving them our attention.
    • Respect others by keeping hands, feet, and objects off each other.
    • We will all THINK when working and communicating with others.


    • T: is it True
    • H: is it Helpful
    • I: is it Important
    • N: is it necessary
    • K: is it Kind


    Welcome students to distant learning ELA. Please click on assignments to view what you need to complete. Please email me at, if you have any questions or difficulties.


    We will start using Google Classroom starting Monday April 06, 2020.


    I have incorporated a Google Classroom starting Monday April 06, 2020.  Students can access Google Classroom by logging into their desktop portal, clicking Google Apps  and then clicking the Google Classroom button. Once the classroom opens, click the "+" button at the top right, and type in the class password. 

    Following are the class passwords: 

              Period 1: dip3piq

              Period 2: g4fyt6y

              Period 3:  37elijb

              Period 4:  2lbdgbk

              Period 5:  e6pbexz

              Period 6:  4t7i25m

    You will need to sign in to Google Classroom daily for attendance purposes and bell work. I will also use Google Classroom for possible class discussions. 


    Esther George-Carreras