For those of you struggling with covalent compounds--please watch this! Remember, you have to determine if the compound is ionic or covalent FIRST before you can name it or write the formula.


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  • UPDATE 4/1

    Good morning everyone! 


    Just a few updates for you regarding my class. First, if you have not been on my webpage, you need to check it! I posted a long message a couple of days ago with some information for you to see (see previous post). The gist of it is that I will be updating my webpage and my google classroom for this class during distance learning. If that changes, I will let you know as soon as possible. The announcement has the google classroom code, how you can turn in assignments, and ways to contact me. Regarding timelines for your assignment, I can't stress this enough--please make sure assignments are done in date order. My webpage has work set up for each week (and each day) for you to see the correct order. If you want to get ahead with work, that's fine! However, make sure you still do the assignments in the correct date order. 


    Some additional important announcements: 


    Grades are current for quarter 4 already--there were a few assignments completed the week before spring break. If you were absent or did not do them, you can make them up virtually. Everything you need is on my webpage and/or google classroom page. Please check your grades now to see if you are missing that work and get it turned in. Then you can go on to the next assignment(s). Please check your grades every week! I will be updating them every week. 


    Attendance: Every Wednesday, I will post a form on my google classroom page that students need to fill out. This is how you check in with me, and how I know you are logging on and seeing the work that needs to be done. It is also your way to quickly tell me if you need additional help. If I don't hear from you, students, every week, and assignments are not being submitted every week, I will have to mark you absent, and I will be contacting you and your parent/guardian. Please make sure you do this! 


    Packets for those of you with no internet: I am putting together packets for those of you with no internet and plan to have them at the school for you to pick up. If you need one of these, please email me separately, so I know who to contact when they are ready (should be by the end of the week). 

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  • UPDATE 3/29

    Hi everyone! Welcome to NMHS Distance Learning! Please read ALL of the following: 


    This is a new experience for all of us, so please be patient as teachers navigate online programs and work out an issues they may arise. 


    My webpage will be used to show a breakdown of assignments that can be submitted through Google Classroom or through email. The Google Classroom code for this class is: a7zupvi


    We will likely also be using zoom, but there will be more info on that tomorrow!


    By the end of tomorrow, work will be available through my webpage and Google Classroom through April 15. All due dates for these assignments will be marked April 15, but students SHOULD NOT WAIT to get started on these, as I will be updated grades by the end of each week. On Google Classroom, make sure you start with the first assignment and work your way up (FOLLOW THE SCHEDULE GIVEN ON MY WEBPAGE). You may work ahead, but make sure you go in the right order. 



    Teacher contact: 


    You may call, text, or email me if you need assistance on any of the work in the next few weeks. 


    Email: Ashley.Banta@marion.k12.fl.us


    Phone: (321) 961-0804


    *Best time to call would be between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.


    *You may email or text any time, but please give me 24 hours to respond. You are welcome to schedule appointments with me. 


    *For all contacts (email, text, voicemail) please tell you for first and last name. Parents/guardians--please make sure you tell me your name and the name of your child. 


    Thanks for your patience and let me know if you need anything! Again, everything should be updated by the end of the night tomorrow, 3/30

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  • 4/20-end of year

    Posted by Ashley Banta on 4/19/2020 2:05:00 AM

    *The following is a list of assignments for the rest of the school year.  We do not know how we are approaching end-of-year assignments (if we will have a test, project, or average all 4 quarter grades together), so keep an eye on the announcements. 

    Please complete the all assignments I've posted before beginning these assignments. 

    1.  Types of Reactions--notes and assignment (click here)

    *Assignment is on last slide--use notes and videos to answer questions

    Videos to help: 



    2. Types of Reactions Practice (click here)

    3. Balancing Equations and Reaction Rates--notes and assignment (click here)

    *Assignment is on last two slides

    Videos to help:



    4. Practice Balancing Equations 

          Practice sheet 1 (click here)

          Practice sheet 2 (click here)

    5. Acids and Bases--notes and assignment (click here

    *Assignment on last slide 

    Video to help: 


    6. Chemical Reactions study guide (click here)

    7. Chemical Reactions Quiz (on Google Classroom)

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  • 4/13-4/17

    Posted by Ashley Banta on 4/11/2020 3:15:00 AM

    *Only one assignment this week! That is so you all can get caught up on your work. Please ensure all your work is getting completed and continue to check your grades in Skyward. 

    Chemical Reactions Intro Assignment (click here)

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  • 4/6-4/10

    Posted by Ashley Banta on 4/5/2020 1:10:00 AM

    From now on, I will just give the list of new work that should be completed each week. 

     Chemical Bond Practice sheet (click here)

    Bonds Study Guide (click here)

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  • 3/30-4/3

    Posted by Ashley Banta on 3/30/2020 2:15:00 AM

    Please make sure you complete assignments in DATE ORDER. You may complete the work and send to my email, complete it and send pictures to my cell or email, or you can submit on Google Classroom. 

    You will need to have a periodic table available for you to use during these assignments. (click here)

    Monday-Wednesday: Make sure that your work given prior to spring break is complete and submitted. That means all of the following should be complete: 

    1. Notes on Ionic Bonds--slides 1-31 (Bonds ppt- click here). These should be written in your notebook or on paper, and you should review them! 

    2. Ionic compounds worksheet (click here)

    3. Textbook review:

    Pgs 544-545 #'s 20, 24, 25, 27-29, 31, 38

    Pgs 576-577 #'s 27-30, 32-36, 38, 41, 42

    4. Ionic compounds quiz (on Google Classroom)

    Thursday and Friday: Notes and practice Covalent Bonds; Practice naming and formula writing for chemical bonds--ionic and covalent

    *The following powerpoint is a lesson on covalent bonds--you should copy notes into your notebook or on paper, and practice using the practice slides. Be sure to check your work! 

    *The last slide of the powerpoint is an assignment that needs to be turned in! Options for turning it in: copy it on paper and text/email a picture to me, write on a word document and email it to me, or submit through google classroom. 

    Covalent Bonds ppt--click here 

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  • 3/2-3/6

    Posted by Ashley Banta on 3/1/2020 4:25:00 AM

    Monday: Study guide; New Vocab--Bonds Ch. 18

    Tuesday: Review 

    Wednesday/Thursday: Periodic Table Test; Bonds vocab

    Friday: Notes on Bonds and practice 

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  • 2/24-2/28

    Posted by Ashley Banta on 2/23/2020 4:20:00 AM

    Monday: Finish Periodic Table Project 

    Tuesday: Notes on Properties of Metals, Valence Electrons, and Dot Diagrams

    Wednesday: Mental Health Training 

    Thursday: Periodic Table Mystery Game (click here)

    Friday: Finish Periodic Table Mystery Game; Start on Review 

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  • 2/17-2/21

    Posted by Ashley Banta on 2/15/2020

    Monday: NO SCHOOL 

    Tuesday: Ch. 17 Vocab: 

    • periodic table, period, group, atomic mass unit, periodic law, metals, non-metals, metalloids, noble gases, alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, transition metals, halogens, valence electrons

    Wednesday/Thursday: Periodic Properties video and questions: 

    Go over vocab

    Periodic Table Lab (click here

    Textbook Assignment: 

    • Pg 129 #’s 1, 5
    • Pg 138 #’s 1, 4
    • Pg 145 #’s 1, 2, 5


    Friday: Periodic Table Assignment (click here)

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  • 2/10-2/14

    Posted by Ashley Banta on 2/8/2020 1:15:00 AM

    Monday: Notes on Atoms and Bohr's Model; Atom practice (click here)

    Tuesday: Review notes; Bohr's model practice; study guide (click here)

    Wednesday/Thursday: Candy Atom Lab; Parts of an Atom practice sheet (click here); Work on study guide 

    Friday: Atoms Test 

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  • 2/3-2/7

    Posted by Ashley Banta on 2/1/2020 3:20:00 AM

    Monday: Read pgs 100-103 and take notes; Written conversation assignment (click here)

    Tuesday: Watch videos and answer questions (click here

    Wednesday/Thursday: Read article and answer questions (click here-Article) (click here- Questions); Periodic Table (click here)

    • Get to know your periodic table
      • Atomic Number, Atomic Mass, Element Symbol, Element Name, Number of protons, neutrons, and electrons, Group number
    • Assignment
      • Identify the element name, atomic number, atomic mass, protons, neutrons, and electrons of the following elements
        • Al
        • Na
        • Br
        • S
        • Pb

    Friday: (Sub) Atoms Final Summary Assignment (click here)

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  • 1/27-1/31

    Posted by Ashley Banta on 1/25/2020 4:20:00 AM

    Monday: Mixtures Lab

    Tuesday: Ch. 15 (Properties of Matter) Test Review (click here

    Wednesday/Thursday: Finish test review; Ch. 15 Test 

    Friday: Ch. 16 Vocabulary; Model of an atom 

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