ENH-1 Week of 04/22/19

ENH-1 Week of 10/24/16

“Love is the great intangible." – Diane Ackerman

  •  ESSENTIAL QUESTION:  What elements of literature help an author present to an audience the themes that affect everyone?

    ~Read 30 minutes each evening - 5 book challenge deadline MAY 20!!!

    ~FSA Practice TEST

    ~Romeo and Juliet (textbook pgs. 181-278)

    • Monday - Read Act I (complete questions in flip book of section read in class)
    • Tuesday - Complete Act I
    • Wed/Thurs - Read Act II, Scenes 1-3
    • Friday - Complete Act II, Scenes 4-5 (complete questions in flip book #1-4) due Monday

    ~Romeo and Juliet Packet

    ~Write Sonnet (Student TEMPLATE) (due Tues 04/30 TEST GRADE)

    ~TEDed - Iambic Pentameter

    ~Elizabethan Words

    ~Elizabethan Words 1