• Week 6 April 29nd - May 3rd  

    Monday - 

    Tuesday - 

    Wednesday - 

    Thursday/Friday -


    Week 5 April 22nd - April 26th   

    Monday - Gatsby Film review packet handed out. Student responsible for finding the similarities and difference sof the novel to the movie. Film Viewing begins.

    Tuesday - Film Viewing continues. Students will circle 3 out of the 5 questions required to be asnwered in the summative essay and will use those to write the essay. 

    Wednesday - Film Viewing Conclusion, Student then read chapter 8 in the novel to conclude more differnces and similarities.

    Thursday/Friday - Students are to begin and finish writing their Gatsby film review essay for the class period. Chapter 9 was read for final conclusion. Students turned in essay at the en dof the period.


    Week 4 April 15th - April 19th   

    Monday - Gatsby CSI Chapter 7 reflection questions assigne to begin investigation for Myrtle's death

    Tuesday - Chapter 7 Court Case packet, teams, and case assigned for the trial of Myrtle Wilson's death

    Wednesday - Film Viewing/Court Preperation

    Thursday/Friday - The Trial for Myrtle Wilsons death begins for each class period and a verdict is reached


    Week 3 April 8th - April 12th   

    Monday - Gatsby Wriitng activity "Rich girls dont marry poor boys"

    Tuesday - Gatsby Chapter 7 packet assigned, read pages 119-124 , answered questions 1-7

    Wednesday - Read Gatsby Chapter 7 pages 124-129

    Thursday/Friday - Finished Gatsby Chapter 7 as well as Gtabsy Chapter 7 packet


    Week 2 April 1st - April 5th 

    Monday - Chapter 6 and 7 Vocab Review and MAtching Worksheet, Chapter 5 clips

    Tuesday - FASA Testing for 9th and 10th Graders, 11th graders to PAC

    Wednesday - Ch.5 recap, Passed out Chapter 6 packet, Read pages 103-110 , answered questions 1-4, cross out 5,6,7

    Thursday/Friday - Create your own sentences for the vocab words. Read pages 110-114, answer rest of ch. 6 packet


    Week 1 March 25th - 29th  

    Monday - Going over Ms. Gilliam's current and new rules! :) Gatsby Jeopardy

    Tuesday - Gatsby Chapters 1-4 Poster review activity and presentation

    Wednesday - Gatsby Ch. 5 reading pages 86-90, New packet for Ch.5 Questions 1-11

    Thursday/Friday - Finish reading Ch. 5, Finish and Collect Ch. 5 packet, collect Week 1 bellwork

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