• Students in 5th period ONLY will be reading The Lovely Bones. The reading schedule for this novel is as follows:


    Beginning through chapter 5 -- Due: 4/3 

    Chapter 6 through chapter 11-- Due: 4/11 

    Chapter 12 through chapter 16 -- Due:  4/17 

    Snapshots through chapter 18 -- Due: 4/25 

    Chapter 19 through the end of the book -- Due: 5/1 


    In addition to reading each section, students need to take notes. They should address each of the following themes. They may do this by summarzing, paraphrasing, or quoting. I've suggested that they write down page number to assist them in a longer assignment at the end of the novel. These should be sufficient notes to highlight each of the themes in the given sections. It shouldn't be a word or a sentence. This will be checked each week for a grade. 


    Justice and Injustice

    Tragedy and grief

    Love and desire

    Growth and acceptance