• Maya Week of 5/6/19

    This week will be hectic. Students are taking their FSA math tests on Monday and Tuesday. Then on Wednesday they will remain with their 1st period teachers for 160 minutes while the 7th and 8th graders are testings. We will be wrapping up Christianity and beginning the unit on Mesoamerica. We will also begin a review of all the civilizations. But I can't know for sure how far each class will get because I see some students more often than others. At this point, I don't think I'll be assigning any more homework for the year, but please check back here to be sure. I'll post it here if I do. 

    Monday/Tuesday. Topic: Mesoamerica. Students will be reviewing the lesson on Christianity in preparation for a test on the material. Then we will begin the next unit on Mesoamerica. Students will be learning about the ancient Maya and Aztec people who settled in the regions between North and South America. 

    Wednesday, 5/8/19. Topic: Mesoamerica. Students will continue to work through pages 468-473. Please have your student read through these pages each evening. 

    Thursday/Friday. Topic: Reviewing and Mesoamerica