• Jesus Week of 4/22/19

    Monday, 4/22/19. Topic: Rome, Lesson 5, Christianity. Students to get the vocab and EQs for Lesson 5. We'll also review all of the Rome material and organize the folders for an Open Folder Test tomorrow.  


    Tuesday, 4/23/19. Topic: Open Folder Test. Students will take a test covering Rome, Lessons 1-4. They will be allowed to use their folders. After the test students will begin reading pages 332-338 on their own. HW: p.338, #1a and 1b.


    Wednesday/Thursday Block: Topic: Christianity. Students will take notes on the basic origins and beliefs of Christianity. Then they will complete a map atlas activity to practice using map reading skills. HW: p. 338, #2a and 2b. 


    Friday, 4/26/19. Topic: Christianity. We will continue working through pages 332-338 and taking notes on the origins and basic beliefs of Christianity. Click here for the textbook notes.