• Colosseum Week of 4/8/19

    Monday, 4/8/19. Topic: Roman achievements. Students will begin Rome, Lesson 4, Achievements. We will be learning about the many advancements that the Romans made and how they impact our world today. Students will also be assigned 2 events in the Roman timeline to illustrate for a giant timeline banner in the hallway. We'll be covering pages 325-328. 


    Tuesday, 4/9/19. Topic: Roman Achcievements. Today we'll watching a video about the different Roman acheievements, especially the aqueducts. Students will also work on their illustrated timeline panels. HW: p. 328, #2b and 2c. 


    Wednesday/Thursday Block 4/10/19. Topic: Roman Achievements and Timeline. We will continue working through the lesson on Roman Achievements. Students will also have time to complete their illustrated Timeline panels.  HW: p. 328, #3a and 3b. 


    Friday, 4/12/19. Open folder test and Roman timelines