• Week of 4/1/19

    Monday, 4/1/Roman Empire 19. Topic: Rome, Lesson 3, From Republic to Empire. This week we'll be learning how Rome transitioned from a republic government to an imperial government. We'll be reading through pages 322-328. We will be working on this section for over a week, so please have your child read through this more than one time. HW for this week week: p. 328, #1abc and 2a. Answers must be written out in complete sentences that clearly restate the question and include a little extra information, explanation, or examples. Short one word, or simple sentence answers will not earn full credit. 


    Tuesday, 4/2/19. FSA Writing Test for the first 2 hours of the day. After that students will only be going to their 4th, 5th, and 6th periods. In my class we will work a little on the Rome lesson and then relax with a game of team hangman. 


    Wednesday/Thursday Block. Topic: The Roman Empire. Students will arrange events in chronological order and learn the historical events of how Caesar Augustus came to rule Rome as a single emperor. 


    Friday, Topic: Roman Empire. We'll continue working on the lesson and time line events, and a Guided outline of the textbook pages. I may give them a short quiz on the vocabulary so far this week.