• military Week of 3/25/19

    Monday, 3/25/19. Topic: Medal of Honor Day. Today students will learn what the Medal of Honor is and who is awarded it. We'll look at a couple of citations and stories of those who have received it. Then we'll begin reviewing Rome Lessons 1 and 2. HW: Crossword puzzle. Due on Block Day (Click here to complete the puzzle online, but you still have to print it out and turn it in.)


    Tuesday, 3/26/19. Topic: Rome Review. Students will organize their folders and gather all the notes and outlines for Rome. Students will complete a review assignment. If time permits we'll play a review game. Rome test tomorrow or Thursday.


    Wednesday/Thursday Block. Topic: Rome Test. Students will use their folders to take their test covering Rome Lessons 1 and 2. If time permits we'll start Roman Empire, Lesson 1.


    Friday, 3/29. Topic: Roman Empire. Students will begin Unit 10, the Roman Empire, Lesson 1. They will be learning how Rome changed from a republic to an empire. No HW.