• Unit 7:  Molecular Genetics



    Agenda Week of March 25

    Mon/Tues:         DNA Coloring Sheet - due today

                               A. Sisters DNA video and worksheet - due today

                               A. Sisters DNA video worksheet


    Wed/Thurs:        DNA Power Point and student notes

                               DNA Power Point

                               DNA PP Student Notes

                               8.2-8.3 vocab and workbook pages due


    Fri/Mon:            A. Sisters DNA vs RNA video and worksheet

                               A. SIsters DNA vs RNA worksheet

                               Transcription/Translation worksheets

    *Chapter 8 TEST next Th/Fri (omit lessons 8.1 and 8.6)


    Agenda Week of April 1

    Mon:            Mrs. T. is out sick :(

                         Get a chrome book - Complete the DNA power point we started last week - you have the notes.                           The link is on the Wed/Thurs agenda notes above

                         Complete workbook and vocab for lessons 8.4, 8.5, 8.7

                        Watch 2 Amoeba Sisters Videos and complete the 1 worksheet that goes with each.  The                                      worksheet is located near the green crate on the counter.

                          1.  DNA vs RNA

                           2. Protein Synthesis

                         Study for your test!

    **DNA/RNA TEST STUDY GUIDE and extra credit

    DNA-RNA Test Study guide and extra credit