• Unit 7:  Molecular Genetics


    Week of March 25

    Mon/Tues:  Start DNA Power Point with student notes

                        DNA Power Point

                        DNA PP student notes

                        Amoeba Sisters DNA, Chromosomes, Genes, and Traits video with worksheet

                        A Sisters DNA video Worksheet


    Wed/Thurs:  Finish DNA Power Point

                          Amoeba Sisters DNA Replication Video (no worksheet)

                          DNA Coloring sheet and 8.2-8.3 vocab due

                          Amoeba Sisters DNA vs RNA video with worksheet

                          A sisters DNA vs RNA video worksheet

                          8.4-8.5, 8.7 vocab


    Fri/Mon:        8.3-8.7 end of lesson questions:

                          pg 233, #1-4:  pg 239, #1-4:  pg 242, #1, 3, 4:  pg. 247, #1-3:  pg. 255, #1-4

                           Transcription/Translation Worksheets


    *NEXT TH/FRI:  DNA/RNA Test - Chpt 8, lessons 2-5 and 7

      DNA/RNA Test Study Guide


    Week of April 1

    Mon:  *Mrs. T. is out sick today :(

                Finish DNA Power point from last week - students have recieved the notes and started on them last                    week - Power point is posted on last week's Mon/Tues agenda

               Watch 2 vidoes and complete 1 worksheet

                RNA and Protein Synthesis Videos Worksheet

                1.  Amoeba Sisters DNA vs RNA

                2.  Amoeba Sisters Protein Synthesis

                Complete the end of lesson questions and vocab for lessons 8.2, 8.3, 8.4, 8.5, 8.7 - exact questions                     listed on last Friday's agenda

                Complete the DNA/RNA Test Study Guide (link on last Fri agenda)