Mrs. Christine Garand Scherer



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Christine Garand Scherer

I began my college education at Lehigh Carbon Community College's main campus in Schnecksville, PA, where I graduated with an associate's degree in Biology. Next, I attended the University of Florida where I  majored in Botany and minored in Entomology and Secondary Education teaching Math and Science through the UFTeach Program. Currently, I am pursuing my Masters in Educational Leadership through National Louis University. 


I love: STTNG (Fans will know what that is, non-fans will not care. P.S. most people never guess my favorite character correctly. Care to take a stab at it?), Star Trek Voyager, Star Wars, Top Gear, Cosmos (Both Carl Sagan and Neil de Grasse Tyson.), Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill (Again, fans will know.), and many other science-related shows and movies. My new favorite show is Downton Abbey.  I celebrate National Pi Day every year by consuming several different pieces of pie. Who doesn't? 


My greater loves include: Science (obviously), math, learning, Chubby Bunny, our kids, our tarantula (Boris) and tegu (Falcor), pecan pie, camping, hiking, jogging, grilled veggies and pineapples and giant Portobellas!!!, drawing, painting, cooking (cooking-NOT baking! I can only bake one thing well. It isn’t pretty folks!), playing the guitar and bass (and other instruments as poorly, if not more so, than those), drinking coffee, and sleeping.


Special skills/talents: I am well known for my cow-like reflexes, I can recite the alphabet backward (Reliably up to the letter t.), I can flip an egg without breaking the yolk (Usually. Okay, sometimes.), I am famous (in my own mind) for my pecan white chocolate chip pancakes, I am really good at untying knots, reading stories out loud with “voices” (my Dobby was spot on even before the part for Dobby was cast), and I am fairly tall. (Hey, this actually comes in handy!) I've heard it said that I'm a really good listener. 


Things I hate: Diabetes and autocorrect. I hate that ship.



Microsoft Certified Innovative Educator

Certified OneNote Teacher Academy