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    My name is Mrs. Garand Scherer and this year I will teach the following:

    • IB Biology SL

    • Biology 1

    • Pre-IB Chemistry

    Although some people find these courses challenging, they are also quite a bit of fun, too! We will complete tens of hours of lab work individually and in small groups. I look forward to working with you. This is going to be an awesome year!


    The Class Syllabus is located under the syllabus tab for each course. Please, refer to the syllabus for class policies and procedures.

    Contact Info:

    My email: Christine.garandscherer@marion.k12.fl.us

    My phone: (352)-671-4820 Ext. 58834

    The best time to reach me: 8:00 a.m.-8:30 a.m. or 3:45 p.m.-4:15 pm

    We will use Google Classroom and ClassTag.

    Biology 1  Supply List: https://classtag.com/l/tejj2g2v

    Biology 1 Google Classroom:3rd Period Class code: ir9lucd

    Biology 1 Google Classroom:5th Period Class code: 8hgvsht



    IB Biology Supply Lst: https://classtag.com/l/t1brw8cn

    IB Biology Google Classroom: Class code: j0a2p5c


    Pre-IB Chemistry Supply List: https://classtag.com/l/gbkis5vu

    Pre-IB Chemistry Google Classroom: 2nd Period Class code: rx25r8

    Pre-IB Chemistry Google Classroom: 4th Period Class code: 86rz72

    Pre-IB Chemistry Google Classroom: 6th Period Class code: oq4xyb4