Required Videos for ALL Athletes - NFHS Learn


    • All student athletes MUST view the "Concussion for Students", "Sudden Cardiac Arrest" and "Heat Illness Prevention" videos each year.


      Each may only need to be viewed once per school year regardless of how many sports a student participates in.


      A copy of the certificates must be printed and attached to the paperwork.


      *Directions for viewing the Concussion for Students, Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Heat Illness Prevention Courses:


            1. Go to

            2. Create a login and password.

            3. Click Order Now (the videos are free).

            4. Select an option and click continue.

            5. Select Florida as your state.

            6. Click Checkout.

            7. Click Complete Your Purchase (there should not be a charge unless you are purchasing other videos).

            8. Click Here on your receipt page. This takes you to your own account page.

            9. The videos will be under My Available Courses. Click Begin to watch the videos.

            10. Each video is approximately 20 minutes long. The system has the ability to stop at a certain point and pick back up at that point when you come back to the video.


      For help viewing the courses, please contact the help desk at NFHS. There is a tab on the upper right hand corner of