• Please email me with any questions, I will do the best I can to provide you with answers. If I do not have a direct answer I will find one, or forward you to a member of our staff that can assist you. 



  • Hello students and parents. As we enter a new, hoepfully temporary, type of reality I want you to know that we will be navigating it together. I will be learning about The Virtual Classroom right alongside all of you. I will regularly update the assignments page of my homepage with current instruction and assignments. 

    3rd Period Biology: i know this has been a year of continued significant change for all of you. If you need help with anything please email. I know all of you will meet this latest challenge head on. 

    MTI students with IEPs. We will continue to be here to help you navigate through your education and provide accomodations as needed. 

    Please email me with any questions. I will have virtual office hours from 11-12 and 1-2 each day. 

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