1. Student Attendance Will Be Taken and Submitted Daily. This Will Include Tardiness and Early Check Outs.



           1.Assignments Will Be Posted Each Week. Due Dates May Vary. Please Notice All Assignment Due Dates.

    1. All Assignments Are to Be Completed and Turned in Unless Otherwise Instructed.
    2. Students Are Expected to Do Their Own Work. Parents May Assist with Home Work After the End of Our Class Day, But May Not Do Their Work for Them.
    3. Students Are Expected to Attend Online Meetings, And Adhere to All Classroom Rules, Behaviors, And Conduct.
    4. Assignments Will Be Counted for Grades. Grades Are Posted and Can Be Accessed Through Skyward.
    5. Online Class Work, Homework Assignments, And All Testing, Applies as On Campus Academic Expectations, Rules and School Polices.



    1. Students Must Be Completely and Appropriately Dressed, Prepared and Present When Class Begins Each Day At 7:40 A.M.
    2. Eating Will Not Be Tolerated During Class time. (Food, Candy, Gum).
    3. Beverages Will Not Be Tolerated During Class. However, Student's May A Water Bottle of Water with Them During Class.
    4. Your Child Must Be in His/her Own Work Space. There Should Be No Other Visible Person's in View of The Class Camera. Anyone Visible To
    5. Students Must Be Appropriately Dressed at All Times. Distractions; Televisions, Toys, Siblings, Or Pets Are Not Allowed.
    6. Student's Will Raise Their Hands Before Speaking, Answering, Or Getting Up.
    7. Student's May Not Leave Their Work Station's Without the Teacher's Permission.
    8. Student's Exhibiting Inappropriate Behaviors, Will Be Receive A Referral to The Discipline Office And/or Administration Office on Campus.
    9. Student's Will Be Held Responsible and Accountable for his/her Own Choices.
    10. Parent's May Not Do, Complete, Or Provide Answers for Assignments, Assessments, Diagnostic Testing, I Ready Math or I Ready Reading Computer Activities or Lessons for The Student.
    11. 11. ALL Online Class Students Must Adhere to Fessenden Elementary Campus Class Rules and School Policy.




    1. My On-Line Class Will Not Observe Holiday or Birthday Celebrations. Items Pertaining to Such Observances Must Occur Outside of Class Time. Parents Must Arrange for Such Communications Pertaining to Observances IE; Birthday Invitation, Valentine Cards, Etc., Outside of Class Time. My Online Class Will Not Provide the Platform for Unrelated Teacher Instruction and Student Learning.
    2. Students Will Have Seasonal, Fun Friday, Caught Cha Making Good Choices, And, Lunch with Lydia, Throughout the School Year.
    3. Inappropriate Clothing; Belly Shirts, Short Shorts, Clothing with Labels, Hair Dyes, Extreme Hair Styles, Make Up, Face Paint, Or Dresses/Skirts Worn Without Shorts Will Not Be permitted In Class.
    4. Our Class Behavior System Consist of Green, Yellow, and Red to Track Behaviors. The Systems Allows Students Opportunities to Correct Behaviors and Choices Before Getting Red. This Behavior System Will Be Used to Track Behaviors as Well as To Encourage Positive Behaviors, And to Correct Behaviors. Students with Positive Behavior's Will Be Rewarded with Visits to The Treasure Box!!
    5. I Can Be Reached Via Class Dojo, Email: Lydia.mcnally@marion.k12.fl.us, Or (352) 671-4935 ex 52058 Monday - Friday, End of Class Day. Please Allow 24 Hours For Me To Respond. Immediate Assistance, Please Contact the Office.



    Composition Note Book for Science

    Composition Note Book for Social Studies

    Colored Pencils


    Dry Erase Board (Family Tree Type is Fine)

    Dry Eraser

    Dry Erase Marker

    Ear Buds or Head Phones