• WWI R.A.F.T.  Get out a blank piece of paper

    You are in the trenches during WWI and writing a letter back home.  You must include the following in any order.  This should be creative.  We will read these

    1. What side of the war are you fighting on, the Triple Entente (England, France, Russia and later the United States) vs the Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy)
    2. Integrate at least two pictures (from the packet or Notes)
    3. What is your job? Soldier in the trench, nurse, loading artillery, gas team
    4. Describe the weapons being used
    5. Describe the bloodiness of the war
    6. Describe the conditions of your trench (how do you sleep, wet clothes, etc.)
    7. Describe crossing “no man’s land”
    8. What are you doing in the trench when you are not firing?
    9. Ask the person you are writing letter to, what they are doing to help (rationing, donating metals, manufacturing weapons, buying war bonds)
    10. What do you think is going to happen to you?