• Agenda Week of Feb. 4, 2019

    Mon:            Plant Dissection

                       Plant Structures/Functions Test

                       Put Notebook in order - Due next period

    Tues/Wed:    Notebook Check

                       Begin Chapter 34 - Reproduction

                       Lessons 1-2, complete packet as we go through in class

                       Reproduction Packet

    Th/Fri:         Chapter 34, Lesson 3

    *REPRODUCTION TEST MON/TUE NEXT WEEK - Study Chapter 34, Lessons 1-3 and the packet/diagrams

                       **Test Review Guide**


    Agenda Week of Feb. 11, 2019

    Mon/Tues:      Reproductive System packet due

                         Reproductive System Test

                         Begin Chapter 6 Study Guide Worksheets

                         Chpt 6 Worksheets

    Wed/Thurs:     Meiosis Power Point - complete printed notes

                          Meiosis Power Point - skip to meiosis slides only

                          Meiosis Power Point notes to complete

    Friday:            Meiosis Simulation Lab

                          Meiosis card sort

                          Time to complete chapter 6 study guide packet


    Agenda Week of Feb. 18, 2019

    Mon(no school)

    Tues:                Meiosis Card Sort

                            Meiosis Modeling Simulation Lab

    Wed/Thurs:     Finish Meiosis Modeling Lab Write Up - SUMMATIVE GRADE

                            Notes: Drawings of homologous chromosomes and chart comparing mitosis and meiosis (pgs 173 & 175)

                            Students make list/index cards of vocabulary from lessons 6.3-6.4

    Friday:             Intro to Genetics Power Point and student notes

                            Intro to Genetics Power Point

                            Student Notes Intro to Genetics


     Agenda week of Feb. 25

    Mon:                *See Friday last week

    Tues/Wed:        Dihybrid Crosses PP and student worksheet

                             Dihybrid Cross Power Point

                             Dihybrid Cross Student Notes

                                             A. Sisters Dihybrid Crosses video and worksheet (in genetics practice packet)

                             Begin Complex Patterns of Inheritance Power Point

                             Amoeba Sisters Videos:  Non-Mendalian Traits

                            Complex Patterns of Inheritance Power Point

                            Complex Patterns of Inheritance PP Student Notes

    Th/Fri:              Finish Complex Patterns of Inheritance

                            Genetics Practice


    Agenda Week of March 4

                             **GENETICS TEST THIS FRI/MON**

                              Hon Bio Genetics Test Study Guide

                              Genetics Test Extra Credit


    Mon/Tues:         Amoeba Sisters Non Mendelain Genetics Video

                             Complex Patterns of Inheritance Power Point and student notes

                              Complex Patterns of inheritance Power Point

                              Complex Patterns of Inheritance Power Point Student Notes

    Wed/Thurs:        Amoeba Sisters Sex Linked Traits Video

                              Pedigree Power Point with student notes

                              Pedigree Power Point

                              Student Notes Pedigree Power Point

                              Amoeba Sisters Pedigree Video

                              A. Sisters Pedigree Video Worksheet

                              Genetics Practice (teacher led)

    Fri/Mon:             Check for Completion 7.1-7.2 vocab, 7.2 questions pg 207, #1-5

                               Genetics Practice (teacher led)

                               Genetics Test


    Agenda Week of March 11

    Mon:                   Check completion for 7.1-7.2 vocab and 7.2 questions pg 207, #1-5

                               Genetics Test 

                               Begin writing vocab/definition/pg #/fact for lessons 8.2-8.3

    Tues/Wed:         DNA Power Point and student notes

                               DNA Power Point

                               DNA PP Student Notes

                               Begin DNA Coloring Sheet

                               DNA coloring sheet

    Fri/Mon              Finish DNA Coloring Sheet

                               DNA Lab