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    Week of February 4-8, 2019

    Library Wednesday/Thursday- Internet Safety Course

    Character Analysis and Development

    Journal Entry #32

    H.W. Due Monday, 02/11/19

    1. aud- = to hear or listen

    2. man- = hand or by hand

    3. vid- or vis- = to see



    Monday, 02/04/19

    Tuesday, 02/05/19

    • Work with a partner to create a character study/analysis of how Mr. Lacey grows and changes from the exposition to the resolution of "Stray" and why.

    Wednesday, 02/06/19 (Periods 1,3,5)  or Thursday, 02/07/19 (Periods 2.4.6)

    • Library- Work on the internet safety course and check our books. 

    Friday, 02/08/19

    • Selection Test for "Stray"