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    Plot Development

    Week of January 21-25, 2019

    Monday, 01/21/19 - No School


    Journal Entry #20:

    1. aristo- = best or highest

    2. over- = too much or above

    3.  non- = not


    Planner Entry:  H.W. due Friday, 01/25/19.


    Tuesday, 01/22/19

    •  Students will interact with a "Level-Up" tutorial on plot stages. 

    • Students will complete a five (5) question quiz on the tutorial.

    • Students will read the story "The Stray" in the blue textbook, with an eye toward creating a plot diagram of the story.

    Wednesday, 01/23/19- Early Dismissal

    • Library

    Thursday, 01/24/19 - Library

    Friday, 01/25/19- Students work in pairs to create a plot diagram of "The Stray".  This is for a project/test grade.