• Computer

    Week of January 14-18, 2019

    Finishing Up Writing and Reading Assessments


    Journal Entry #19 - H.W. Due Friday, 01/18/19


    1. -arch- = rule or ruler (king, etc...)

    2. -polis = a city or city-state

    3. acro- = top or a high place


    Planner Entry- H.W. due Friday, 01/18/19


    Monday, 01/14/19

    Periods 1,4,5,6-

    • Complete I-Ready AP2 reading test on the computer.

    • Complete argumentative essay (writing assessment).

    Periods 2 and 3 - 

    • Work on "Text Features" for an observation of "Questioning in the Classroom".

    Tuesday, 01/15/19- To Friday, 01/18/19- All Periods

    • Complete AP2 and the argumentative essay.

    • This includes make-ups for students who have been absent.

    All students who have finished both assessments will work on homework, make-up work, and read silently.